Sunday, January 2, 2011


Through this first semester at CVA I have looked at art differently. Before, if I would have see a blue painted canvas I would have gone insane, because I wouldn't have considered it art. Now when I see that blue canvas, I can understand why it is. There is always meaning behind a piece of artwork. If it means a lot to that artist who made it to it just being a little secret between friends. When I look at art now, I always want to know why that artist made it. What was their story behind it? I have to take in consideration of what their life was like, where they came from, and what they experienced. I feel that a piece of artwork is a lot like a book. If it you can't understand it, then it gets translated. If it has blanks, then fill in the missing spaces. If it's empty, then make up your own story.

After taking OAD I view art has it having some kind of meaning behind it.

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