Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slide lecture given about Biomimicry

you're assignment after this is to find a biomimicry inspired solution from some of the problems (the brain storming list we come up with - in class.
the notes from this discussion will be posted (and edited later by me) - and the assignment (worksheet form) will come via e-mail with your list of problems / solutions attached.

You are to post your biomimicry solution on line.

Art-Design - Observation - Creative Problem Solving and Sustainablity!
this is your assignment

Here is the lecture - via the blog

Group C's new ideas for Biomimciry insprired design

Creative ideas inspired by Biomimicry (In class discussion)
10/26/10 – Group C

  Treadmill energy - pay people to work out to create energy and create more jobs &
                 Improve personal healthcare,
Give a break at work,
Stimulate brain...
Cut down obesity.

  Bioluminescent body modification.   - Glow in the dark tattoos,  - only appear in the dark.

  Turning your house into a green house - light powered b grass - and streetlights powered by grass.   -

  Grass carpet.
What about bugs?
Birds in the house. 
Live inside an eco-dome?

  Societal lucid dreaming to work on our creativity.   - Advancements as a society.  Emphasis on creative thought as a culture.

  Expanding solar power on electronics

  Instead of sheet metal - minimal wind resistant - and a membrane

  Mail owls

  People that talk to plants all day.

  Grow plants on buildings

  Incorporate trees into our architecture  "Tree Houses"

  Butterfly pants    (doesn't fade)

•Lotus leaf cleaning surfaces)(exterior paint)

  Incorporate electrically - microorganisms that hold electrical charge - like the electric eel- rather than turbines that require energy to run. 

  Bike powered house

• How we build computers:
Chitin for water proofing - cooling the computer with a water collecting system.
Replace with a chitin shell - a growing shell that heals itself with the butterfly color

• As the computer surface gets exposed to CO2 - it strengthens it like coral.

• Car's and bikes with a filter system (like a gill) - that would actually clean the air as it dives  "Solving problems and getting places" - Jake

Looking at a species and solving a problem: 
Spider thread - how can we make stronger materials?
Paper - wasps
  (Like an octopus - changing before you)

For example: we looked at the Rabbit
-Fast and quite
-Poop a lot
Eat carrots
Fur is warm and soft
Very resourceful
We can make some sort of pill from its libido source from rabbits.
* A pill that solves the libido problem, rather than a short-term solution. 
* Constipation solution - they eat a lot of fiber.
• Rotating satellites based on sound -
Autistic ids - they hear everything - some sort of rabbit ear focus on sound

Whiptail Lizards à parthenogenesis

Problems that could be solved by biomimicry: (In class discussion)

Energy Bills:
How we build computers:
Blindness  - looking at subterranean species
Night vision
Sleep deprivation
Food storage
Heating and cooling
Poorly fitting clothing
Tears in clothing
Shoes that form to you feet
Alternative to rubber heals
Looking body parts - regeneration
Breathing underwater
Surviving in space
Air filtration
Acid rain
Plastic chairs
Deposable pens
Repairing from earthquakes - how to prevent class
Rubber -
Pop music
100% recycled paper
Battery acid -
Lithium batteries.



Sunday, October 24, 2010

MIA's imposing statues

Guardian figure,1360,from Japan Striding male figure,Egyptian, 300-330 B.C

The Doryphoros,Roman,120-150 B.C

Showing these statues together brings up questions about empire, male strength and history. Viewed separately one might think about how different cultures and time periods portrayed male strength, but when viewed together it seems that humanity in general likes to show the beauty of the human form in a highly idealistic way. All three statues are large and meant to be imposing. Standing in a room with these statues a person would probably feel rather intimidated. http://www.artsmia.org/