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The art of feeling a story by what you wear, Angelic Pretty designs

Basic history:
Lolitas have been spotted on the streets of harajuku since the late 80s and were part of the visual kei movement (Mana who created Moi Meme Motie is thought to be the one who started it all). but as time passed the two fashions have broke away from each other and has formed their own likings and ideals. lolitas are through to represent young, victorian ladies of high class. They enjoy going for walks, visiting flower gardens, having tea parties, talking with their friends, and enjoying crafts such as embrodiery and painting. again today's lolita can be disguished by 7 main styles: gothic, sweet, classic, country, kuro (all black), shiro (all white), punk, and cosplay lolita.
dress and acessories by AP: Roayl Poodle JSK (jumperskirt)

the essentials for proper dress is: blouse, dress or skirt, knee high socks, petticoat, bloomers, head piece (bow, bonnet, headband, hair ornament), purse, jewelry covering your neck and wrists, and shoes with a heal and elegant buckles. if its the correct season you may also wear a winter jacket or a parasol (umbrella to protect you from the sun/rain).your ensemble should either be described as "cupcake" shape (for sweet lolita) or bell shape (for other).
Mana who is...a man!
maki, fan and asuska

jsk: angelic pretty roayl poodle bag: guess shoes: bodyline
Lolita designers Maki and Asuka-san have been designers of Angelic pretty since 2003-2004 to current. They base their designs off of "sweet" motiefs and use them as themes to create beautiful pieces that take the one wearing the design on their own adventure. To complete the look to each design the customer may choose to pair things they own in their closet already or purchase the whole line of items for the new design or printed dress. each print is hand drawn by Asuska-san and then printed on fabrics in 4-5 color ways: Black, Pink, White, Red, and Blue. laces and threads are also custom made. Maki-san designs the dresses and they both collaborate on the final outcome on how the dress will sold.
jumperskirt : Angelic Pretty shoes: bodyline

The person who wears their designs are the true artists. creating their own story, mix and matching their favorite designs and clothing items, to achieve what they want to look.

lolita can be worn by anyone who finds it their fancy. young children (the youngest lolita is 5!!!), teenagers, japanese, european, australian, and american whoever! old people (oldest is 53 years old) and anywhere in between. Women, Men. can wear this fashion. its a small piece of what used to be, what can be, dreams, and fancies.

fashon show: collection 2008:
new documentary: *dialogue French, English subtitles part one. :)


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    the better version of the documentary. its filmed in qubec just to show you that its gaining popularity. and this aired about last month, so its all current information/insight. :)