Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sometimes, the simplest question brings about the deepest answer.

What is Art?

Art is an eruption of my consciousness.

Art is not always beautiful.

Art is bursting at the seams.

Art is not everything.

Art is created when we commit to realization and experimentation.

Art is not always realistic.

Art is the representation of emotion.

Art is not an emotion. You do not feel art; art makes you feel.

Art is flowing through my veins.

Art is not always reflective of the artist.

Art is created and then the idea formulates.

Art is not a secret club that only a select few can be a part of.

Art is accessible to everyone.

Art is visual language; it tells a story, and it tells us something about ourselves.

Art is not always comprehendible.

Art is a concept.

Art is not an object.

Art is process.

Art is finding a way to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

Art is not easy.

Art is simple, sometimes.

Art is not natural.

Art is taking something natural and modifying it.

Art is not confined to one medium.

Art is design.

Art is not fashion, but fashion is art.

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