Thursday, December 9, 2010

re-generating material

Today, while I was standing outside in the bitter cold, i reached into my pocket to check my most recent text message when my iphone slipped out of my hand and landed face down onto the concrete. I picked it up, hoping for the best to see the screen shattered into approximately one million pieces. Of course the first thought that popped into my head was "F**** this noise!!!" but out of this tragedy grew inspiration. "What if we could create a material that would heal itself, like human skin" I thought to myself.
Every single human consists of the material in which to heal itself, lets take for instance, our skin. A healthy human body's skin consists of two layers, the epidermis (the layer of skin you can see and touch) and the dermis (the innermost layer in which you cannot see or touch unless the epidermis is damaged). These two layers exist in a constant state of equilibrium, thus protecting your body from the external environment. When the epidermis is broken your body immediately starts the healing process.
When a wound is healing there are four stages that it must go through in order to complete said healing process. Stage one: hemostasis, this is when your blood collects and hardens to stop the flow of blood leaking out of the wound (an example of this would be a blood clot). Stage two: inflammatory, this is your body's attempt to get rid of what ever is harming you (although your wound may be inflamed it does not necessarily mean its infected). Stage three: proliferative, this is when your cells divide (one becomes two, two become four,etc.).Finally stage four: remodeling, this is where your body does its best to make everything the way it was before the injury happened.
Now this is just the basic idea of how our skin repairs itself. Imagine if the one thing almost everyone owns, a cell phone, could go through the four natural healing process of our skin and completely repair itself?! I would not be out an iphone all i would have to do is put a band-aid on my sad hurt iphone and POW...healed. Usually the human healing process takes about a week to two weeks, depending on the wound. My phone for instance, would take probably two weeks to heal but it would be totally worth it...wouldn't you agree?!

-carlen goldhorn


  1. That would be so cool!!
    The moment after you saw your broken screen, you saw the screen of your phone heal itself.
    Thinking about it, my parents wouldn't know about half the stuff I have broken in the house!!
    Awesome idea Carlen!

  2. KP I fully agree, my mother probably wouldn't be so cautious in her decisions of taking me to antique stores in fears that i would break something priceless, my barbie's hair would grow back and my plastic horses legs would be back to normal and my I-pod wouldn't need constant fixing, but breaking things teaches us how to fix them, problem solving. On the other side of that argument would people have more issues with hoarding and too much stuff because none of it broke? And as time moved on would they also have the ability to be biodegradable or would we have landfills of thing?