Saturday, December 11, 2010


origin: Native American

origin: Japanese
origin: Chinese
 When we went to the MIA what seemed like along time ago, we were to pick three pieces and write as though we were making our own exhibit and explain why we'd put them together. I chose these three out of my favorites. My exhibit is about the destruction of past cultures. The Native American culture is disappearing. as Americans we don't hear much about what currently Native American cultures are about and overall, their existence doesn't affect our culture and life anymore. The Japanese piece is what i use to convey my meaning. The dark tones and clay rocks paired with the rectilinear and curvilinear forms seem very chaotic. The form to me is a tornado. Chinese haiwani sculptures are buried/placed with  the dead to represent the riches the person did own and want to continue owning in the afterlife. The Chinese culture also was very perfect when constructing these sculptures. What is still practiced in China today with technology and buildings, but keeping loyalty and honoring your ancestors and the dead is a tradition that is lost in culture today.


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