Tuesday, December 14, 2010


What Art means to me…

There is not a clear definition to define art because art is such a broad topic that many people are not aware of. Before I had done any research on schools, I wanted to become an artist of some sort. I didn’t know the different possibilities there are within art.

To me, art has always been about being creative. What art means to me? It simply means creativity.

In this first year of school, I have learned that anyone can take something and call it art. “Right time, right place’ –Abbi. To me, it’s kind of sad to see that. I believe for something to be called art, it should have some sort of meaning to it, a background, a story, a reason, or something. After researching on an artist, I never knew it would bother me for someone to call himself or herself an artist and not make their own work. In fact it bugs me a lot to see this. I believe that to be an artist, you should do everything from the thought in your head to the finished piece. I don’t understand how someone else can make someone’s thought. That is just crazy because no one thinks that much alike to do that.

What art means to me? Is still unclear, but getting closer what I think.

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