Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm throwing on my Louboutins.

if you like these....

this video is fun to watch to learn more about the man behind the curtain, the designer Christian Louboutin. 
I like the way that he wants to portray women. I think as a woman, myself, he takes shoes in a very serious way. not to make woman look cheap and much like paris hilton.
just thinking of my final presentation and thought others might enjoy too!

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  1. i personally think Louboutin is a genius... his use of subtle, yet sometimes not so subtle sexuality, in his shoes really exemplifies the woman he is creating for. he makes these shoes to make a woman feel powerful, and in charge. he takes the approach that women shall tower above the world because they are sensual beautiful creatures, not to be screwed with. each shoe has a personality, and i think aurora has picked a great selection of his vast designs to show everyone, there is a shoe for every woman. and Louboutin knows exactly what that woman wants! good work, ro!