Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Manifesto.

What is art to me?
That is a broad topic,
but I believe anything and everything is art,
Art is creating something from virtually nothing,
Art doesn’t always have to speak for itself,
As for me and what I want to create,
I want to take what inspires me,
create something new and wonderful,
and inspire others with it.
One thing that art school has taught me about myself
is that I am not just an artist,
I am also a writer,
I want to tell stories
and illustrate them as well
but I don’t just want to tell a meaningless story,
I want to write stories that can teach people
Illustration isn’t about telling you what to imagine,
it isn’t meant to replace what you imagine,
it is meant to spark imagination,
to get you more involved in the story,
and keep you interested.
 I take my inspiration from a wide array of artists
I like the simplicity of Quentin Blake's art
(he illustrated Roald Dahl books)
and how it keeps you interested in the story,
but doesn’t give you too much information.
it lets you imagine it for yourself as well.

I also love Mary Grandpre’s Harry Potter books,
Mary GrandPre captures the magic of the writing, in an eclectic style
I find something new every time I look at it.

Both Quentin Blake and Mary GrandPre
have a whimsical air to their art.

In my art I want to have aspects of both of these artists’ styles.
but I want it to remain my art,
with my own specific style.
I look forward to discovering my own style,
and eventually becoming the artist I want to be.


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