Thursday, December 16, 2010


What does art mean to me?

At the start of the year, my idea of what art was totally different from my views today.  Since starting at the College of Visual Arts the perception of art it has molded me into a art hating, anti-Museum, Modernism bashing self imposed "artist". When introduced to the idea of 'anything can be art' I almost lost all respect for all museum art. I still do not understand most of the work I've seen since visiting most of the sites over this last semester. A pink canvas, an brown square titled "flesh". Though many would argue this is art, I still don't think that these works should be thousands through millions of dollars. I've concluded that art is luck of the draw. That fame is based off who will see it. How I've stated it before, is "Why does everything good take time? That is one thing we don't have enough of..." At this point in my life, when it comes to art I question whether or not I need to be going to school for it. I feel as if the chance of being discovered with my art is higher if I do go to college, and if I don't then I will be working a day job for the rest of my life. Growing up, I watched my mother and father work so hard to just make it, to this day they are working to get by. I know that they are happy, but I know that they don't want to work for the rest of their lives. How I view it though, is things work out regardless of choices you make early in your life. My parents live in a beautiful place, raised two wonderful children and do things they love. I now question everything I see as art, making me respect some pieces less, but more importantly made me respect some even more. This school, and this class has made it so that I can talk about art, and back up my art. It has expanded my art diction and allows me to sound educated while explaining my art.

This year has tested me in many ways, and has taught me a lot about myself. But thats how life is, and this is just another lesson. With a wonderful and understanding teaching staff, it has allowed me to make my way through this year, and progress through expressing myself through art.

-Nick Love

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