Saturday, December 4, 2010

GURL! What was you thinkin'???

Title: Rebus
Artist: L William Pope

this painting thing... is... UGLY. just not okay at all... it is compiled of awkward swampy looking colors that just aren't appealing to my own personal eye. normally being a fan of chaos and such, i was completely turned off by the demeanor of this piece.

it seems as though the piece is reminiscent of the loss of sanity, not completely having a sense of self and wondering what "everything" is about.

i just want to know what the artist is saying, because as of right now i cannot seem to shake this feeling of being uncomfortable and unwelcome when i view this.

i feel this piece looks immature, as though it was a collage made by a kindergarten class in the late 90s. i just really dont know what to think about it!

it somewhat reminds me of the chaos of man kind, the fact that it has feet kind of gives me the feeling that this represents the idea of no peace for man, we will forever be in a state of chaos.


  1. Noah I couldn't agree more! It looks like the artist got sick and tossed his cookies all over this piece... eww! However I really liked your interpretation of it in your last paragraph as well :)

  2. Personally I like the piece, but I totally understand how you could hate it, It was nice that you gave your own interpretation about it.