Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh Hey, I'm Behind on the Times :/

Popular Front!!!

Though we arrived SUPER late to our trip to Popular Front (i am still frustrated by that)… being introduced to the world advertising and web design was fascinating. I had always assumed that web design was boring and tedious, but listening to what they did for work everyday seemed like a lot of fun. Organizing photo shoots for the products, designing the actual web page, and each designer coming up with a couple of ideas for the client to choose from… hell, sounds like a super creative work environment. (it helps a little that they got to do stuff with harry potter)

Despite almost giving up and going home, the struggle to find the tucked away building was totally worth it. The modern feel of the architecture was something that is completely my style made me enjoy the entire experience even more. All in all I think Popular Front would be an invigorating work environment.

that is all :)

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