Saturday, December 4, 2010

Midway Descriptive Piece

Catching up on this stuff has been difficult as I am convinced this blog is a little evil... since it wouldnt let me post on here for about forever and ten years... but here we go!

The environment in the installation piece was peaceful, the dark and the constant sounds made it somewhat a place of relaxation, only to be shocked back to reality by a real loud "crack" sound, similar to the contact of metal on metal.

The two videos, placed in the east and the west corners of the room are symbolic of the sunrise and sunset. The videos are taken near manmade mounds with people casually walking in and out of the frame. I perceive this as everyday the sun rises and the sun sets and we keep moving, taking the serenity and beauty for granted, always focused on something "more important" when we should really be focusing on the beauty of our world and the gifts we receive from it.

The sounds in the room kind of lull you into a half way meditative state in which you can just sit and "be"

somewhat of a calming experience...

aside from the initial confusion caused by the piece, i found myself enjoying it, not just for the sake of it being "art" but for the fact that it slowed me down for a minute and gave me a little time to think.

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