Saturday, December 4, 2010


1) We see a font that looks like it would be from a few centuries ago, its very classic and old looking.
2) It reminds us of an old English news paper, some sort of writing that is important would be printed in this font
3) It makes us feel like we are reading a piece of writing from the time of the bubonic plague, its very cold and unwelcoming almost. 
4) We wonder if anyone used this font today, and what for? It seems that it would be impractical for this day and age. 
5)It could still be used in writing for the large first letter in a story, or a heading for a newspaper / newsletter. This font is cool but isn't really practical. 

  1. We can see that its very crisp and elegant. 
  2. It reminds us of a font that would be used in a magazine, it looks like the font that kate spade uses for her type. 
  3. It makes us feel sophisticated and put together. this font would be ideal for a calendar or a date planner because its so neat and tidy
  4. It makes us think it would be used on an invitation or even if people used it more on the media because it is so easy to read and isn't too different from Times. 
  5. This font has a welcoming feel, different from Lucinda Blackletter. Its very precise and classy.  We liked this font a lot. 
Aurora and Tom 

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