Saturday, December 11, 2010

What i want for christmas: Whipple! (Popular Front)

Designing products for the consumer is what the guys at popular front are all about! 
The experience was great! I really enjoyed the field to this place, and even more fun than finding the hidden location was learning what popular front does! Popular front uses design (graphic design, photography, illustration, you name the art form, it has a 70% chance of somehow being connected to something the team at popular front can use you for!). 

Going to visit the site gave me a whole new appriciation for garphic designers and after had alot of experience with a failed graphics site for neo pets profiles back in the day, i loved seeing how the different levels of interaction, design, and and difficulty one can design on a budget :) 

so when you want alittle fun, go back onto the popular front website and go to their consumer's websites. its alot of fun to do!!! whipple has to be my favorite and for sure is now on my christmas list :) 


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