Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Artist: POSE ONE (MSK)

Critique By: Ian Kolstad

Pose is a very well known artist in parts of the midwest and all of central and southern california. He is most commonly known for his work with aerosol paint and graffiti. When I say graffiti i mean top notch on the highest levels graffiti, in my opinion I would refer to it as extremely detailed, large scale illustrations. As seen in the link below below a very recent piece done in Minnesota at 2009 Soundset.


The work that draws me to Pose is his recent illustration work, which is extremely eye appealing and detailed. In the link below is an example of that.


Pose is not that well known in the actual art world as far as that goes but dont be suprised if you see him on the cover of Juxtapoz Magazine.

For anyone who does not see Pose as an amazingly talented one of a kind artist, here is my defense. Pose grew up in chicago and did not come from a wealthy family or a particulary safe neighborhood so he did not have a head start in art. Pose started with graffiti and still seems to be his main focus, as some of you may know graffiti is not really looked as a fine art or design. Graffiti is looked as vandalism and at the time he was growing up was not looked at as an art that someone could be famous for or make any kind of money off of. These days Pose is apart of multiple art collectives the main being the Known Gallery, which is filled with extremely talented and famous artist such as "SABER (AWR)". Pose has traveled around the world and has been able to preform public art in many places that have never seen it. He is also doing work with Lifted Research Group, better known as the clothing company LRG. I believe the possibilities are endless for Pose and hope one day I can work with him in some way or another.

Want to see more of Pose's work go to flickr.com and search Pose "MSK"

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