Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Critique of A.F. Vandervorst RtW2011

This collection was put together by A.F. Vandervorst. This collection is one of my favorite because I feel it has solid ideas and all the pieces tie together perfectly. The collection features vests with bolts, chalk dust, high legged boots, draped material all in a monocromatic tone. I feel the collection Vandervorst put together is an mixture of Starwars (with the camel and the fitted tops) and women in warefare. This collection speaks so much to me because all of the designs show an empowering sense of the woman. The style of the clothes seem conservative but the fit gives the woman a nice shape with fun accents on the clothing like the belts and straps. Many of the models have corsettes on which make the style of the clothing even more feminin. Each of the colors in Vandervorst's collection are very bold and makes women look stronger. This collection is well put together and very well styled. All pictures are taken from Style.com

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