Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright- OAD


Fallingwater, Bear Run, Pennsylvania. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for a wealthy department store owner, this house was built over a waterfall.

My favorite artist would have to be Frank Lloyd Wright. Choosing a “favorite artist” is a weird concept because there are numerous artist that give me inspiration and whose art I absolutely love. But I do always tend to go back to Wright when thinking of “my favorite”. His work “Falling Water” is what caught my eye even before my passion for art really evolved. His geometric and contemporary style of work made me want to be an architect! His creations amazed me and filled me with desire to have the ability to one day make outrageous structures of my own.

I also, not only love Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, but his general attitude toward the world of architecture. In an interview with Mike Wallace Wright said, “I’ve been accused of saying I was the greatest architect in the world and if I had said so, I don’t think it would be very arrogant, because I don’t believe there are many [great architects]--if any. For 500 years what we call architecture has been phony.” By saying this, some would think of Wright as being overly cocky about his work, but to me he is just very confident in his work, which I can appreciate. Although I no longer aspire to be an architect, I still have an incredible appreciation for it! And I believe it is thanks to Wright’s work that I leaped into the world of art, because he filled me with inspiration.

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