Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One wicked costume designer

Susan Hilferty has designed costumes for numerous Broadway musicals, but the one set of costumes that I most admire her for designing is the 200 plus costumes she designed for the musical Wicked. I must confess that when I saw the musical last month I spent just as much time staring at the costumes as I did listening to the performance. Not only did Susan Hilferty design a large scale of costumes for

wicked she was able to design each one beautifully and convincingly apart of the world that is OZ.

Another noted musical that Susan Hilferty has designed costumes for is Spring Awakening , which is set in a different time period better yet world then Wicked, and the ability to design for such wide spread genre's is truly impressive.

Below is a video of Hilferty talking about designing the costumes for wicked.

Taken from Susan Hilferty's website, Link: http://www.susanhilferty.com/videoblog/

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