Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt was an Austrian painter who took abstraction and realism and combined the two. Most of the work he did represents attraction of the sexes and how that forms with abstraction. He was fascinated by the nude female body and he has many pieces that show it. My favorite piece from him is his Tree Of Life, which shows three people out in front of the tree, clothed in robes that have some abstraction to them. Two of them, one of each sex, are hugging each other, while the other, female, is looking at them. The tree behind them resembles an abstract form because its massive and it almost feels like your eyes are being dragged into the painting.

What I think of this piece is that the one lone woman is jealous of the two others who are in love because her face has this sort of weird unwanted look to her. and they are standing in front of this tree that may resemble spiritual wholeness or something. The tree is so big it takes up the whole backround of the painting, which means its the most important thing in the painting, I gathered. Also, all the little abstract forms by the trunk of the tree almost look like a little town or people around the tree, which gives you a sense of wonder, which I like.

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