Tuesday, September 21, 2010

greatest piture EVER!!!!!

Jeremy Turner
Mimosa Rock Before Sunrise
I love this picture. I love it because the second I saw it, it took my breathe away literally. I've never heard of Jeremey Turner before today but when I saw this picture I feel that absolutely have to know more about him and his work. I like how the mountains or the island I'm not sure what exactly it is but I like how it's only a shadow and I kind of get a mysterious feel from it. I like how the colors from the sky show in the fog and how is fog is really dense toward our mysterious mountain island and thins out the closer it gets to the shore. I lover how Jeremy captured how the rocks glisten from the mist that has settled on them. I think its art because of the composition, the way everything fits together. I think it's art because of the colors, the way the fog and the sky reflect each other. I think its art because I think its art

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