Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Iain Crawford = pure creative individualist

Iain Crawford has an interesting collection of unique photographs, I admire his style of capturing the motion of objects. For example, the shots of hair in motion and water I find to be mystical, the way you see the instant of that second, how you never realize that that's what actually happened because time moves too fast. sometimes I try to imagine, 'what if every second was actually as long as a minute?' how different everything would be and how, much more details would be noticed.

I also adore the wayhis photographs not only represent these women and their beautiful hair and make-up, but also them in the art form, like the pictures with the paint all over their face, I think is a very interesting way of highlighting the bone structure of the faces of the women. Iain Crawford is awesome and brilliant!


Madeline Harr 

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