Tuesday, September 21, 2010

McQueen... and no not Lightening

alexander mcqueen...

fashion genius, incredible visionary, impeccable tailor... victim of suicide.

the worst part of mentioning mcqueen's name is the fact that 90% of you dont know who i am talking about... that other 10% of you; let's be friends.

lee alexander mcqueen is my hero and idol. his designs push the boundaries of fashion and art; having extreme
knowledge of both worlds, he manipulated both to form his incredible lines of clothing.

mcqueen, like myself, had an extreme obsession with the odd and different;
including lady gaga, whom is another extreme obsession of mine. but enough about
her... mcqueen rarely showed two lines that were similar
in any way shape or form, whereas many other artists use inspiration from previous pieces they have done, he was completely original every season.

many people see his designs as weird and unusual. to those people, i say, open your eyes and your mind and, if you are lucky enough to be in the same room as a mcqueen piece, see it for the unbelievable art it truly is.

mcqueen took his own life shortly after the death of his mother and 7 years prior, losing his long time mentor, who technically brought him up and gave him a name in the fashion world. he was a true tortured soul, and fashion was his escape. his death was a dark day in the world of fashion as well as in my life; losing an inspiration is never easy for anyone.
mcqueen will live on in his lines and as well as in the hearts of millions of fans.

(all images modelina.com & smvblog.com)

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