Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Color Me Katie

Katie Skoloer is a street artist who lives in Brooklyn. Not only is she a street artist but also works as a freelance  photographer. She is a true creative mind who likes to work with all mediums of art. I wanted to share her with you because she has a new way of looking at art. She is not only adorable and turns the ordinary to extraordinary which I think is a talent that many people do not posses. Her blog is always fun to look at and see how she sees life. There was also a fun Documentary made about her. She always tries to brighten up the things around her and add color to daily life. 
 She does a lot of photos with things that she has made out of paper (as seen above), sidewalk chalk and stickers! If you ever want to check out some of her work look

I love what she does because it is so different than a lot of work that we see today. She is creative, fun and colorful which is so refreshing. Her art matters because we need all kinds of art in society to keep it interesting  She looks at the world in a new way that is always positive!

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