Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rob Jones - Critique

Rob Jones

Untitled 2008 Raconteurs series

Screen Print

17.75 x 34.5

Rob Jones is a graphic designer that mostly works in poster and book cover designs. A lot of the images that he uses are appropriated but he takes them and rearranges them, adds them onto others, etc to create a whole new composition. Most of his work has subtle imagery and meaning that deals with the client, he also likes to incorporate humor into his prints.

Unlike a lot of poster artists Jones tends to work in series, sometimes creating ongoing complex stories through the various pieces. In order to understand the message you have to know where the source images are derived from, and once in a while there will be some sort of text that has to be “decoded”. Sometimes the stories are strictly personal while other times it relates to details about the band. One of the best examples of a series of work from him is his 2007/08 Raconteurs posters, they all have a fantastic similar aesthetic that ties them together as well as stories to go along. Some of the prints are still not understood though and it is unlikely people will figure them out completely unless Jones decides to inform people about them.

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