Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where's Waldo

The greatest art in the history of man is the art in the “where’s Waldo?” books! Martin Handford is a beast…enough said. Every page is full of so much random stuff you’ll want to puke all over yourself and then eat it all up because its so good you cant help but want to experience it again. In visual art there is this cool thing called horror vacui. It means the fear of white space. It’s where the artist puts something on every square inch of that page…IN ORDER TO MAKE THE COOLEST MOST ADHD THING EVER!!!!!! These books are the best example of this style! That is a bold statement but I will go to my grave defending these books. I love this work because of how all of the pages look super duper chaotic but they all are unified and balanced in the BEST way ever. I love it for this reason. You’re going to love it for this reason if you do not already. If you do not love it already then you are not a person. This is a fact of life because these books have everything in them. You would have to be blind to not to find something in here that you absolutely love. THESE BOOKS EVEN COME IN BRAIL SO EVEN THE BLIND WILL LOVE SOMETHING IN HERE!!! The pages feel amazing in these books!!! Just look at the work and rub your fingers all over it. It feels sooooooooo good. Rub every part of your body all over the pages and feel the  perfectness of  this artwork in its purest form.

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