Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Pamela Sukhum is going to be the speaker at the fall design Event at the international market square.

On the infinitevisionart.com I found collections of her work currently on display.

One of the series called the “Natural surrealism collection’’, has a great collection of bright paintings inspired by nature. A particular painting I liked was a series of blue and gold circles on a white background, the first thing it reminded me of was water, but after learning the name of the piece “winter pulsations” I realized that the colors do have a connection with winter-white for snow and Ice, blue for cold and frost-bitten fingers

This piece is called Splendid darkness from the mystical realism collection. It's harder to tell what the images in this painting is suppose to represent, but this quote was posted next to the image ""In this long journey, it is humble perseverance that matters... The love of the heart is the candle flame that carries us through the road of darkness." - St. John of the Cross

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