Monday, September 27, 2010

Samantha Rei of Blasphmina's Closet

Me (left) Samantha Rei (right) photo credit: Tawnya Graham 

Samantha Rei is a local designer who's line is called: Blasphmina's Closet. She's been published many locally and nationally. In numerous publications of the English Gothic and Lolita Bible! She is my main inspiration to become a designer and to dress in lolita fashion. It started in 2008 where i went to Kakkoi|con and ran into her fashion show, and was able to attend workshops about gothic lolita fashion, what plays a deal in many of her designs. She also takes the victorian influence of older gothic lolita designs and combines them in an elegant manner that could make them steampunk as well. Image (left) features designs from her spring 2010 collection. 

Its important to explore other fashions. and i believe fashion is more than just whatever you can buy in a mall. its an identity that you associate yourself with. feel you want to feel beautiful and elegant? Want to dress as though your in another time period? most people think that fashion should move forward. But it shouldn't be forgotten but celebrated. Blasphmina's closet uses many colors that are feminin but not bright. and uses ruffles and lace in a unique way to pull a design in and reflects a time era in a mature way. 

So a friend who has changed my outlook and understanding of period fashion, is an inspiration to become a better seamstress and designer, catches my eye with each season piece and runway show. You should definitely look forward to what Samantha Rei is going to come up with next!

  all images (c) blasphmina's closet/Samantha Rei
to find out more about Samantha and her designs visit her
site by clicking HERE.

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