Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fonts: A Love and Hate Relationship

0123456789 Andale Mono
1. It is San Serif. Yet the low case i and l do not.
2. It reminds us of Apple Inc.
3. It gives the feeling of old typewriter without courier.
4. Why is it that the i and the l have serifs? Why does the text have to become thick when it becomes enlarges? Why can’t it stay thin?
5. It looks better when it is smaller J
0123456789 Comic Sans L
1.  grossness
2. It reminds me of the Sunday comics… meh.
3. Hatred for this font.
4. Why was something like this created? Why do people need to use repeatedly for things that are not casual? What appeal does it have.
5. It is a really crappy font, and it is hard to read when it is smaller.
Created by Vanessa Mullenix and Antonio Lobo Méndez

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