Monday, October 18, 2010

Random Works of Art

My three pieces are:

Banquete Chair
Campana Brothers
Stuffed animals, tubular stainless steel

Carl Andre
Western cedar wood

Cindy Sherman

In the gallery, there would be the 'Banquete Chair' on the far left. The photograph by Cindy Sherman in the center on the wall. Then the wood crux would be on the far right on the ground at an angle, kind of in the way if you  were to walk around the gallery. All the pieces would be on one end of the rectangular gallery. First the chair is made out of stuffed animals which are usually read as, and seen as a happy thing and also very childlike. Even though this chair was made to represent some sort of recycling the meaning of it would change next to Cindy Sherman's Untitled. The women in the photograph looks old, with a ton of makeup piled onto her face, and she looks very, very unhappy. So contrasting the happy toys to the unhappy old women makes the emotion in each art piece exaggerated. The last art piece is a sculpture by Carl Andre which is a wooden crux which is horizontal on the ground. This piece honestly has no meaning whatsoever, and that is dramatized because it is sitting next to two art works that have some sort of emotion. Considering that all these pieces had very different intents in the beginning, being in the same room together, they change drastically.

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  1. Good post Hannah! I like how you focused on the emotion of the art pieces, very cool to compare the stuffed animal chair and that picture of the old cranky woman. =)