Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boxed Harmony of Woman, Lily, and Buddha.

Project #4: Blog entry #3, MIA

The three pieces I would put together are in the order of inside a box: to the left is the statue Woman, in the middle is the Lily, and lastly to the right is the Buddha. The content of all three pieces tells a story of harmony between nature and the excitement it brings to connect oneself with nature. The Woman is in a pose as to be in a wonderland searching with the gesture of the hand indicating to find something as she saw across to the other side she sees the Buddha, known as the Buddha of the future. The Buddha position himself with the pose to mediate as seated and is almost at peace with the surrounding around him of the lily to the side of him. The Lily is symbolic in the installation between the Woman and the Buddha as a separate mean to peace.

In relation to the content itself (of all three pieces) if one were to be remove or place beside one another as in a row or even by a different order, this would change the meaning. If the Woman were place beside the Buddha and not the lily between them, it would form a relationship. Also the pose of the woman would only connect to the lily as to look for it but not the Buddha, because the meaning between him to the Woman and Lily has been lost and varied.

(Could not find info. on the Woman and Lily on MIA website) www.artsmia.org

3rd piece: Title “Maitreya (The Buddha of the Future)” by an unknown artist that dates back in China of the early 6th century B.C. using medium of grey limestone.


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