Monday, October 4, 2010

Before The Sun by: Madeline Murnion

Before The Sun
Karthik Pandian
Before The Sun was made by Karthik Pandian. The art work displays a two channel looping 16mm film installation with optical sound, rammed earth, shells, mirrorpane glass and mason's line. The art work displays a contrast between the rising sun and the setting sun. On the east wall a video is streaming images of the rising sun. 
On the west wall another video is streaming pictures of the sun setting. The streaming video is taken from Indian burial grounds in California. The base of the piece is made out of rammed earth. On the rammed earth there are two translucent pillars filled with dirt. On the dirt are projectors streaming the video of the sunset and sunrise. In the gallery displaying the art work the room is completely dark, which emphasizes the visual quality of the video. The texture of the rammed earth is an interesting bonus to the art piece. The art piece is symmetrical and gives good balance. 
 The art piece is interesting and worth seeing. The quality of the the art work is well put together and visually appealing. 
My response: As I walked into the room I didn't understand why it was dark. I was a little frightened by the noise going on. I thought the "scraping" going on, sounded like an evil laugh. The room was chilling and the dynamic of the room to the art work was awkward, especially to walk around. I initially thought the rammed earth was floor boards. My eyes couldn't adjust right away so I didn't feel comfortable walking around. I thought the video streaming was very interesting and I was excited to learn more about it. 
-Madeline Murnion

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  1. "The room was chilling and the dynamic of the room to the art work was awkward, especially to walk around." I thought the same thing too. At first I wasn't sure if the noise had anything to do with the film and later on, the specialist said it was nothing in particular, which I had hoped that the artist intentions were on purpose to include the noise.