Saturday, October 16, 2010

Three MIA pieces by Madeline Murnion

 MIA pieces by Madeline Murnion
The three pieces I chose were Hunan Soldier, Veiled Lady, and Ganymede and the Eagle. These pieces deal with delicate and harsh characteristics The Hunan Soldier by Zhang Huan displays ash on linen which shows a Chinese soldier made of ash. The piece looks like a photograph far away by the contrasting shades of ash. The explanation of the piece says the portrait appears “a haunting sense of devotion and spiritual power.” To me, the soldier appears harsh and rigid. This is one of my favorite pieces because of the composition. 

The second piece is called the Veiled Lady is by Raffaelo Monti. The piece is made out of marble but the piece looks as if the statue is veiled. The statue displays a filmy veil and delicate blooming flowers. This statue is a work of art that displays graceful feminine allure. This piece would probably be viewed by someone wealthy. 
The last piece I chose was the Ganymede and the Eagle by Bertel Thorvaldsen. This piece is composed of marble. This piece shows the delicate marble statues of an eagle and Ganymede which is a Greek god. In Greek mythology Zues disguised himself  as an eagle to abduct Ganymede, here this sculpture explains this scene. This art piece shows the delicate display of sour event. Ganymede appear gentle while the eagle displays harsh qualities. The talons, beak, and eyes appear sharp, and the stance of the eagle stands stiff and drawn back. The other half of the composition is soft and appears pliable. Both of the objects open up which makes them engaged in the scene thats happening between them. All the pieces I chose deal with delicate and rough qualities. All come from different times and mean different things. I thought they went well together because they all display simple beauty. 
Veiled Lady by Raffaelo Monti, Mable, 1860- 
Hunan Soldier by Zhang Huan, Ash on Linen, 2007- 
Ganymede and the Eagle by Bertel Thorvaldsen, Marble, 1817-1829- 

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  1. "display simple beauty" was what stood out to me, because you choose the three pieces that not only are from different time but to me personally, I think that just the way you picked your piece and write that it was simple beauty; the time line in the three pieces are different but the meaning somehow changed but not completely.