Monday, October 4, 2010

Before the Sun

Karthik Pandian’s solo installation at Midway Contemprary Art address archeology and architecture using many different types of mediums. The gallery was darkened so the focus was directed towards the two movies on the opposite sides of the walls. I the middle of the room there was a plaza of a cement like structure and it was in a diagonal position, making it difficult to walk around. The art was made to be interacted with, waling on top of the plaza was encouraged. There were two steps with shells adorning the sides of the steps. It was difficult to walk to the top of the plaza because it was so dark inside of the gallery. On top of the cement plaza there were two mirror made towers with projectors inside playing 16mm films. The film itself was strung up into the ceiling on a grid of red string. The films play on a continuous loop towards the east and to the west. The films have to do with the Monk’s Mounds in Illinois. The reason Pandian chose to highlight archeology and architecture in his piece is because he has always had an interest in the two very contrasting things.

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