Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fonts, Maddie and Tawnya (SECTION B)

Buttons and patches-- taken from dafont.com
1) each form has a element of surprise which relates with the sewing theme, specifically buttons
2)it reminds me of crafting and of the 50's which was a popular style for the button in that generation, the  perfect circular shape with four smaller holes also in the shape of a perfect circle.
3) the domestic sewing housewife of the 50's as well as chocolate chip cookies
4) was the artist who created this font into mod-deco sewing crafts? why buttons instead of snaps or even zippers? or what about buckles? or better yet, tennis shoe Velcro straps.
5) this font would be an ideal font for a sewing craft store, or possibly a tailor or dry cleaners or even a nanny

Ehco Deco -- taken from dafont.com
 1) we see the elements of line and shape with in the positive and negative space and we perceive it as font due to our gestalt.
2) It reminds us of bar codes, band posters, television static, and inks
3) the vertical line creates a strong and stable feeling and the diagonal on the solid shape helps to offset the motif and create excitement and tension in the font.
4) why vertical lines vs. horizontal or diagonal lines, and is there a font that inspired this particular font
5) we think this font is ideal for graphic design, specifically band posters, potentially a punk-indie band, because it strongly displays characteristics of being off the beaten path, the road not taken.


 Tawnya and Maddie

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