Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Before the Sun

Karthik Pandian- Before the Sun 2010

2 Looping 16mm film with optical sounds
rammed earth platform
mirrorpane glass
mason's line

Upon entering the gallery, I was very intrigued as to why the gallery would be so dark, the only thing you could see with in the dark dungeon like space were to screens opposite to each other and projected to the corners of the room. One screen was a light magenta and the other was a light turquoise. Then, snap-crack! The nose is not at all enough to scare anyone but, it was surely annoying and aggravating. What on earth could be that sounds?!
As I became adjusted to the darkness, I noticed two pillar like structures that held camera's encased in that type of glass that are in the interrogation rooms of police precincts. As I looked back to the screen from the vantage point of the one of the pillars, I see cords strung up in a grid like pattern that interestingly has the film looping out of the camera out till the end of the cord and back into the camera, damaging the film, which WOULD CAUSE THAT GOD AWFUL SOUND. Why would you damage this film?
Further inspecting the films I see that the light magenta coloured screen had an image of the sun rising, and the light turquoise screen to it's opposite had the sun setting. Why the Sun's daily cycle?
After gathering with the rest of the group, I heard the tour guide's mundane explanation of that the image was that of the remnants of pre-columbian Indians mounds in East St. Louis. He also gave us information that these Native Americans made these structures were created with the four sides of the mound representing the four cardinal directions. After hearing this I connected this with my ancestors, the Aztecs and how they did the same.

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