Monday, October 18, 2010

Into The Dark, Before The Sun

Before the Sun, By: Karthik Pandian

When you first walk into the room it is pitch black. All you hear is noises. Then as you walk more into the room you see two projectors in the center of the room inside these two rectangular glass boxes. Inside the glass boxes is dirt. As your eyes adjust to the darkness you see a double platform made of compact dirt with sea shells. The projectors project scenes of
the sun setting.

I didn't understand what the piece was about at first. I thought it was probably about the ocean because of the sea shells.

Then we were told what it meant. The film was taken at a park where there was Indian burial mounds in the background. The sounds were from an archeological digging sight. The sounds of shovels scraping the earth. The shells and dirt resembled the different times. The shells were deeper in the dirt which meant it was older. The two glass boxes represented new technologies and buildings.

-Joni Wachholz

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