Monday, October 18, 2010

How Content affects Context

The pieces that I chose for my installation are Ganymede and the Eagle, Hezekiah Crushes Idols and Tomb figure of a Kneeling Camel with Driver. The first piece that would be viewed is Ganymede and the Eagle by Bertel Thorvaldsen, which shows a peaceful scene of a man feeding an eagle. In a way it symbolizes peace between humans and animals. The next piece would be The Tomb Figure of a Kneeling Camel with Driver, which is from the Tang Dynasty. This piece portrays a man riding a camel. The message from this piece would be that man has started to use animals as servants or just as methods of transportation instead of as equals that inhabit the earth with us. The final piece that would be viewed is Hezekiah crushes idols. This piece shows destruction and in the middle ground you can see a man about to kill a snake. The feeling that I wanted to be gathered was that at first people and animals got along, then we began to use them as objects and then ultimately we are destroying them.

Ganymede and the Eagle:

Tomb Figure of a Kneeling Camel with Driver:

Hezekiah crushes Idols:

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