Sunday, October 3, 2010


If I said, "it smells like the beach."

Would you be interested?

I was recently at the Midway Contemporary Art Center and experienced something like never before.

I walked in and immediately my eyes had to adjust. To my right, a counter with a vinyl record player and two sets of headphones. Further in (on the right) two tables, one that led into the offices, and one off to the side. Three lamps lit up the area. The counter had plenty of vinyl records to choose from. Up for a quick guessing game? The vinyl record player was playing a song over and over. The game? Guess what is being said. Now, I am not at all a good guesser. But even I had fun trying to guess what was being said. Aside from the right of the entrance, I walked into what seemed a dark, cold, damp, and somewhat loud room. In that room (quite large to be exact), were what looked to be, two movies playing. Short films really; of what? Well...take a look for yourself. Watching these films, I felt like Curious George. I instantly wanted to learn more. I wanted to somehow climb into the film and ask: where was the location of the films? why were they made? who made them? why are people not noticing the camera(s)? why two films, why not one?

The exhibit was an art form in itself. The display is something to be seen.

"It smells like a beach."

Now picturing a beach, I picture: half naked people, beach volleyball, water, and maybe one crazy local.

What does that have to do with the Midway? Well, that my friends is something you will have to see for yourselves.


KP (and RO)

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