Thursday, October 21, 2010

Take a second and look at each individual image above, then look at the pictures as a group. Does this tell you a story, or put thoughts into your head? When I saw these images together I saw a story that almost felt familiar to me as it can be seen everywhere today, especially with the media.
This girl, lying on her death bed, fills her head with thoughts to cover up the pain she feels. She dreams of being a high-fashion model, like the ones on a fashion magazine cover, and live the fantasy life. Unfortunately, she is not aware that she could one day grow up to become a wealthy, abounding women with a happy life no matter what her appearance may look like.

Images found at
Image 1: "Bosnia" by Gilles Peress. 1993
Image 2: "Untitled" by Ramon J. Muxter. 1972
Image 3: "Paul LeBreque Salon, Reebok Club, NYC" by Toby Old. 1995

Created by Rachael Henn
October 17, 2010

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