Monday, October 4, 2010

Before the Sun

Before entering this installation, I was very anxious. Never before had i been to this location, I had been told nothing about what I was about to see. As i entered the Midway, I was emerged in complete darkness. It was the feeling you get when you first enter a haunted house, mystery, confusion. I stood completely still trying to adjust to the darkness, just as i do this, i realize the noise in the background. The sound so mysterious and almost haunting. I immediately grab my journal and jot down all of my thoughts. As i am doing this i notice a large block-like structure in the middle of the room. Atop of this structure I see huge glass rectangles housing old-fashiond cameras. An image of people enjoying a walk is on either side of the room. The film is very obviously worn and old, the sun in the images is in the center. The center is oh-so conveniently located at a corner of the room. As i slowly wandered around i noticed the pillar in the center of the room is coated in sand and, the bottom layer is inlaid with sea shells. As i sat on the pillar I noticed how cold and wet it was. I then became very uncomfortable and wanted to leave.

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