Tuesday, October 12, 2010

an idea for your putting work together

Here's another way of thinking about your context/content blog project using 3 works you found at the MIA

think of your 3 pieces like spicing video together to help illustrate a song
not the title - but a dialog.
Here, this person is taking 3 different generas of old films - and by juxtaposing them to each other in sections - it creates a different story - in the context of illustrating a modern song.

This might be another way of you thinking about these 3 art pieces in relationship to each other - how it may alter the content. The song itself is like the gallery / showing space you would put it in. The art pieces - the 3 films.

just another way of thinking about this project. it's not about pairing like with like - but looking at how the content of the art work may be altered by the presence of the other 2 art pieces.

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