Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Before The Sun:

Imagine a room with out any lights, the darkness surrounds you as you enter making everything a mystery until your eyes adjust. Imagine walking into a room with foreign unrecognizable sounds, a large platform, and, two mini movies, which feature the sun. While your eyes adjust you take in all of the other details, the sand, the projectors, the filmstrip on the ceiling. You now feel like you can take your first step up onto the platform, you place your hand down to make sure of that first step. It feels rough and dirty, your first instinct is to take your hand back and wipe it off but there isn't enough. My first reaction to the exhibit was very unsure of the setting that I was supposed to feel like I was in. I took everything in again now that I felt like I could see, now I saw two tall raised pillars that housed the projectors they were like large mirrors but you could see inside to the equipment and saw it was surrounded by sand. I watched the video footage, to me it seemed as though I was somewhere very rural, warm, and, dry. My first instinct told me Africa.  It consisted for humans, dogs, and the sun moving. The sounds that accompanied the film were not easy to distinguish.

Upon further investigation, with the help of fellow classmates (and the man who answered our questions) we were able to take the exhibit apart and create what we took it as.  It depicts the setting and rising of the sun in an area Mississippi that was once used by the Native Americans.  The film is compiled of footage from the area during different periods of the day, there are actually two competing sounds but once you know that you can tell. The platform is created out of dirt and shells to add to the authenticity of the show. It was all thought out very well and everything that was included had a purpose.

I really enjoyed the show and figuring out what it was all about. I liked working with each other, pointing out different details, and interpreting it in a way that we all found correct. Everyone had seen something else and that was interesting to be pointed out too. It was cool going into such a different environment and really figuring out what it was about with my section. 



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  2. When you wrote, "I really enjoyed the show and figuring out what it was all about" I wished that I had felt the same thing but the scene of the art work had already bugged me before I wanted to learn more about it. I liked that your descriptive writing really focus the attention more than the art and the fact that you want to explore and understand the art or artist point of view. I think that's really great.

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