Friday, October 22, 2010

MIA: Three Art Pieces

Take a moment to look at each individual picture as a piece alone. Now look at them together as if they were in the same room together. Does it give you a different thought, or feeling about them?

All of them are faces, but we really don’t pay attention to the emotion a face can show. For example, when we look at a mask, we usually don’t think much about it, we think about how cool it is and move on. Putting these three together, gives it that thought. Behind every face, mask, or painting, there is a person with emotion, and someone who has thoughts and is just like everyone else, even though they are from the past. We see pieces of art, but we forget to notice the background or story behind each one.

In these three pieces, there's this power of silence in the beauty of their faces. They look like they have nothing to say, but in their minds they are waiting to shout. The mask or veil hides everything they have to show. In general, women may not of had the chance to voice their opinion or say much of anything.

Image 1: Marie Louise Ekisabeth Vigee-Le Brun

Image 2: Olmec People

Image 3: Raffaele Monti

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  1. I like the pieces of art that you picked chelsea, the veiled statue is one of my favorite pieces of art at the MIA.