Sunday, October 3, 2010

Before The Sun

Karthik Pandian 2010

When walking into the Midway Art Gallery, you get the feeling you walked into the wrong place, seeing as it is very dark and very cold . When you walk more into the dark area, all you can hear is noise without being able to see where it's coming from or what's around you. as your eyes begin to adjust, you see two projectors on a big platform that takes up almost all the space in the room. Once all of your senses come back to you, the noise is the video being projected from two glass mirrors filled with sand on top of the platform pointed at the corners of the room. The noise started to make more sense once you watch the video of the sun set and sun rise and see the people making noise while they walked. After fully seeing the exhibition, you can't help but wonder why Pandian decided to make the exhibit like he did or why he decided to make the back noise as loud as he did. All in all, when I looked at this exhibit, I felt as if the sun was taking away every worry I had at that moment.


  1. I like how you described walking into the exhibit, it was true how we weren't able to see anything right away but could hear the noise.

    Nice post! =) Jenny

  2. It thought it was very interesting that you described how he artwork made you feel, I agree that it was weird to walk into a gallery and have it be pitch black.