Monday, November 1, 2010


Alternative ways to store food-
Some ants create giant ant hills where the ants regulate the temperature of the ant hill. The ants move little pieces of the structure to regulate the air flow, during the day it stays cool and during the night the air stays at a reasonable temperature. When it comes to inventing new things based on nature, we can use this method of creating the perfect temperature in a structure without electricity. If people could master this method we could keep food cold for a long time without an energy supply. This would be helpful in many ways i.e. bringing food to Africa, and keeping heat and cooling bills down. It would be really cool. hooray!

BTW this is NOAH CHRISTOPHERSON'S (down here)
Shark skin is not only used for speed but repels bacteria as well. Since they are already using shark skin in the medical field, why not use it in everyday life? As humans we are susceptible to germs and bacteria, especially in social enviornments i.e. night clubs or bars. Now, imagine, your favorite night club, the girls are dressed... well barely... and the guys are out to get after it. Not exactly the cleanest of the environments we could expose our bodies to is it? The bass is bumping and your bodies are grinding, sweat is dripping down your back and you stop for a second and just think about the viral plague that could be flowing between your bodies. Disgusting, right? Now think of having the latest line of my awesome shark skin club wear and intimates. Keeps you free of bacteria while the Dirty John behind you is dancing like there is no tomorrow, all while looking "supa fresh" (as the young kids say these days). Think of how we could avoid passing even the common cold around if we wore clothing made of sharkskin which repels bacteria and keeps you clean. We could avoid spreading unnecessary illness and disease if we took these simple precautions before going out for a night of good "clean" dance-filled fun! How enjoyable, right? You'll love it, and I'll make millions. Just consider it!


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