Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ever get tired of ripped clothing? I know I do.

That favorite shirt just got a hole in it, and now it’s time to throw it away. Maybe those favorite blue jeans ripped while you were playing outside or got snagged on a corner while walking by something. It’s all very frustrating because that piece of clothing will never be the same with that hole.

What if we could figure out a way to have our clothes “self heal?” We wouldn’t have to spend so much money on buying new clothes every time a piece of clothing hits the trash due to a rip.

We could apply this to the human body. Think about it, our body heals as we sleep. When we break a bone, sure it takes some support, but over time it does heal. When the human body “breaks down,” our body gets right to work at healing those parts.

If we could somehow get enough information on how the body heals itself then we could apply a similar technique to our clothes.

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  1. This would be amazing! I just ripped my favorite pair of jeans past the point of ever being able wear them again. Very cool idea!

  2. Cool ideal, self repairing clothing. I'm sure scientists somewhere are doing research on how human bodies heal itself, and how it could heal faster.