Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Trisha Donnelly
Acrylic box, latex balloons
American. 2004-2007

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  1. 1. description
    2. remind?
    3. feelings
    4. questions
    5. what do you think?

    Abbi and Joni discussion
    - sexual
    - made me laugh
    - dont get it
    -inside joke?
    - materials?
    - what happens when it deflates?
    - plastic box?

    what we know??
    - trisha Donnelly
    - female
    - current
    -LA artist (very contemporary)
    - sculptor
    - minimalist

    What don't we know???
    - content?
    - body of work?
    - joke?
    -why she chose the materials? balloons? Why not another color?
    - Who are her "friends"? Art social circle?
    - e-mail directly? - you an do that.
    - what other pieces around it? there was one near by that had a flashlight goig through a glass cup on a turn table??? COntext.