Monday, November 15, 2010

Love story in the M.I.A?
Instead of choosing a gory battle scene, a historic natural disaster, I chose a love story. Why? I love a good love story.
Diana the Huntress, Venus and Adonis, and Erminia and the Shepherds are my focus.
Diana the Huntress is seen with two large dogs sitting in a relaxing position. She looks to her left and sees the love of her life Adonis with another woman (Venus). Scandalous.
Only Diana the Huntress has never told Adonis how she feels. Adonis (seen with Venus) is heading off to war. And is saying his goodbyes to Venus. As Adonis is leaving for war, Diana decides to go fight for the love of her life (dramatic yes, a good love story needs drama). As Diana gets ready for war, her family and friends beg her not to go. Diana does not listening and faces dishonor of the family when she is victorious in battle next to Adonis. While in battle, Adonis befriends a young soldier named Delta (Diana). Little does Adonis know, he is spilling all of his guts to Diana. When the two return from battle, Delta confesses to Adonis and Venus his true identity, Diana. As furious as Adonis is, he can not stay mad for long. After all, his best friend fought beside him in battle. Diana soon finds out the ship for Adonis' love has sailed. Adonis happily marries Venus and names his youngest (daughter) after Diana the Huntress
(alitttle Becoming Jane in the end).
These three art pieces were displayed rather close to each other. Diana the Huntress was to the left of Venus and Adonis which was on the left of Erminia and the Shepherds. It seemed as if Diana (rather sad looking) was positioned to look at Venus and Adonis as well as Erminia and the Shepherds, hence the love story.

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