Sunday, November 14, 2010

The WOW factor in advertisement!

Popular Front

After the visit to the Popular Font, it came to a realization that there is a lot more going on in the world than how I had expected it to be. The advertising surprises me to a degree where I find myself to think outside the box of where I originally stand within. This brings a good question to reason myself why I do what I do in art in the first place. I do know that over time art has resolve to a point where teamwork is needed and less is done individually because the idea of visual image has become so important in art. By visiting Popular Font, it has changed my point of view about advertising and of the joy that the principle and element of designs play an important role in art. What I like about Popular Font was how one image is complete through many other artists (teamwork) and how the speaker was talking about coming up with ideas to meet with their client needs and I find that nowadays it’s almost about that. And the greatest challenge I learned from the visit was that making a piece in advertising is about the client’s need and at the same time enjoying ways to create something that is about you. (The ways of making relationship and connecting dots, almost from one art to another.)

My favorite slide from the visit was the “Playskool Kids” for Hasbro. It was really adorabe and I just love hearing about the development they got out of this project and how fun each project were clearly demonstrated and explored. Just the images and not words thing was an expression to the idea of making communication through visual image, and I thought that was clearly examined. (Advertisement always surprise me, especially the way color is used in the advertisement)

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